Hackers come up with new modus operandi for internet banking frauds

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Hacking News New Delhi

Delhi police have stumbled upon a new modus operandi of e-banking fraudsters in which they first hack the internet banking account of the target and then get mobile number blocked to prevent the bank customer from receiving SMS alerts about illegal transactions made by them.

In a recent case, two Nigerians were arrested by the staff of South Delhi police for allegedly swindling Rs 70 lakh from the bank account of an NRI based in Japan.

Police seized three laptops from them containing banking data of around 1.5 crore people.

During interrogation, the duo told police about the new modus operandi in which hackers first hack data of bank customers from its website which contains the internet banking Id, passwords, other basic details and the mobile number on which SMS alerts are sent in case of a transaction from the account.

“Armed with this information, fraudsters reach retail outlet of the mobile service provider and get the number blocked on the pretext that the SIM along with the mobile handset has been stolen or was lost.

“As they already know the name and address of the owner of the mobile number through hacking, they even get a duplicate SIM issued of the same number,” said a senior police official.

As per police, there have been a number of such cases in the recent past in which transactions worth lakhs were made after getting the number blocked.

On August 13, Basanta Kumar, Country Head of Bangladesh of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) had filed an FIR with the Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi police saying that some fraudsters swindled Rs 19,31,000 from his bank account through internet banking after getting his phone number blocked.

Criminals have gone a step further after banks started sending SMS alerts to their customers about every transaction and the need of the hour is to devise new methods to counter it, the official said.

“Firstly, people should regularly change their internet banking passwords. We have observed that most of such dubious transactions are made at night and more than one at a time.

Banks should change their policy and take note of transactions which take place at odd hours and are dubious in nature,” he said.

“Banks should ask for alternate mobile number on which a customer can be informed if they detect some suspicious activity from an account such as multiple transactions involving big money or in which money is transferred to foreign accounts,” he said.
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Could online hackers steal your cash?

When you access your bank account online you probably don't think that at that exact moment there may be a hacker, somewhere in the world, trying to steal your bank information and your money.

Your bank offers secure online banking, so why should you worry, right?

Despite banks' efforts to protect accounts from the online crooks, hacker attacks remain a serious threat that cost Americans millions of dollars each year. The Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that Americans lost about $559 million to Internet thieves in 2009. That is more than twice the 2008 figure, when $268 million was stolen on the Internet, according to the center.

"Last year there were more online bank robberies than there were actual on-site bank robberies," says Sean Sullivan, a security adviser at F-Secure, an Internet security firm. "Banks have become very proactive in protecting accounts from hackers, but it's still quite a large problem. We see all types of new attempts every day."

Biggest threat
Banking Trojans -- malicious code specifically designed for banking fraud -- are one of the biggest threats to consumers who bank online, Sullivan says. They are invisible and can steal multiple types of data, including passwords. Some more advanced types of Trojans can make fraudulent transfers and drain your account while you are logged on to the account online, he says.
Is your bank safe?
The more questions and passwords you are asked to enter in order to log in to your account, the safer is your bank's website.
If your bank only asks you to enter a username and password to log in its website is not as secure as it should be, Sullivan says.

Some banks require customers to create a username, a site key name and use personalized pictures or symbols that appear during the login process. In addition, banks should ask customers to answer a security question before gaining access to their account.

"The more layers you have before you get to your account, the safer you are," Sullivan says.

Who's liable?
In the event you become a victim of online theft, act quickly and know your rights. The general rule for consumer checking and savings accounts is the bank is liable for most of the damage, as long as you report the illicit transfer in a timely manner. But if you have a line of credit account or a business account, you need to be extra careful, because the bank will not always be obligated to pay for your loss.

Consumer accounts
Consumer checking and savings accounts are protected by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, which limits consumer losses for online theft to $50, as long as the consumer reports the loss within 60 days after the fraudulent transfer appears on the statement.
The act does not apply to line of credit accounts, says David Johnson, an Internet law attorney at Epstein Becker and Green in San Francisco. Line of credit accounts are covered by "negligence law," Johnson says.

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Bank of America Hacked By Anonymous: Hackers Leak ‘Secrets’ About Executives, Salaries, And Spy Activities

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Anonymous has done it again. The loosely associated hacking collective, which has hacked everything from GoDaddy to religious organizations to government websites, the Pentagon and more, has released 16 gigabytes of data, code and software related to Bank of America, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and others, claiming that Bank of America had employed security firms to “spy and collect information on private citizens.”

One Anonymous subgroup, identifying itself as Par:AnoIA (aka Anonymous Intelligence Agency), issued a press release on Wednesday to discuss some of the details of the release.

“The source of this release has confirmed that the data was not acquired by a hack but because it was stored on a misconfigured server and basically open for grabs,” Par:AnoIA said. “Looking at the data it becomes clear that Bank of America, TEKSystems and others (see origins of reports) gathered information on Anonymous and other activists' movement on various social media platforms and public Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels.”

The Anonymous collective said the data was actually retrieved from an open, insecure server in Tel Aviv, Israel, but also managed to obtain a full version of ClearForest’s text analyzing software called “OneCalais,” which was stored and openly accessible on the same server.

Among the leaked documents, Anonymous discovered that TEKSystems had compiled reports last year about hackers and so-called “cyber threats,” as well as online activity surrounding the Occupy Wall Street movement. Anonymous dismissed all of this research as “sloppy, random and valueless.”

“Apparently a keyword list was used to match for items of interest on IRC, Twitter and other social media,” Par:AnoIA said. “While the list has over 10.000 [sic] entries only 1,125 keywords seem to be genuine, the rest are simply Wikipedia references.”

In addition to the overwhelming amount of “research” about Bank of America’s antagonists, the Anonymous group also discovered an extra 4.8 gigabytes of “detailed career and salary information of hundreds of thousands of executives and employees from various corporations all around the world.” Anonymous noted that the folder was named “Bloomberg,” while the entries were tagged with “reuterscompanycontent,” which could mean Bloomberg LP and/or Thomson Reuters could have been involved or targeted as well.

“What it was doing on the Israeli server is up to anyone’s guess,” Anonymous added.

But above all, Anonymous hopes to use this data dump to spotlight these misguided efforts to hamper online activism, but also show how corporations like Bank of America are paying for these operations to take place.

“We release the received files in full to raise awareness to this issue and to send a signal to corporations and Governments that this is unacceptable,” the Anonymous press release concluded.

Anonymous recently hacked the Federal Reserve on Feb. 6, and threatened to publish private personal information about a number of Goldman Sachs employees on Valentine’s Day, but did not.
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5 great hacker known in the world

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5 The World's Greatest Female Hacker, Hacking, the world loud and unique underground. Most experts in the field of hacking is dominated by the men. But who would have thought it was also a lot of women take part in this world. Ability as well as their work is no less with the adam. The following discussion Hacker 5 Greatest Women in the World.

1.ying cracker

Cracker ying, a teacher from Shanghai China. He taught about the basic process of hacking guide, how to change the IP address or password manipulate office!
He is also an expert in making software hackers.
In a forum titled Chinese Hottie Hackers, his name much discussed and it made the climb in popularity. In the forum he also has a lot of fans members. It was the beginning credibility soar

2.xiao tian

 Remembered the word hacker , which usually comes in the shadows is a nerd with thick glasses with lifestyle disheveled . But does not apply to Xiao Tian . He is a hacker who modis.Penampilan and lifestyle are so neat , dynamic and even impressed feminine .

he is also very interested in fashion , especially shoes . In his blog he often shares stories about the places he had ever attended. That is the reason why Xiao has a lot of fans and followers in the world , especially the men .

Xiao Tian , known since the age of 19 years . After forming China Girl Security Team , one of the largest women's group dedicated hacker in china . Its action in the world of hacking is also not in doubt.  

Giant number one search engine in the world , Google has ever felt the onslaught of Tian and his team . Xiao Tian carry out sophisticated attacks against infrastructure systems google china . In fact , Google finally could not stand and choose to withdraw all service operations in China due to hackers hit the barrage .

3. Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna Rutkowska is a Polish woman who is interested in the hacking world security. His name first became known as the Black Hat Briefings conference in Las Vegas, August 2006. Rutkowska presented at which time the attack he had done to the security system windows vista. Not only that, Rutkowska also been attacked Trusted Execution Technology and Intel System Management Mode.

 In early 2007 he formed Invisible Things Lab in Warsaw, Poland. A company focused on OS security research and consulting services as well VMM internet security. The year 2010 also Rutkowska with Rafal Wojtczuk form Qubes, an Operating System that is very full protect security. 

Rutkowska also never give open advice to Vice President of Microsoft's Security Technology Unit to further tighten the security system in windows vista. Waw, Rutkowska is a very welcome hackers to work with.

4. Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina Svechinskaya is a New York University student who was arrested on 2 November 2010 and since has been breaking into millions of dollars from several banks in the UK and America . Together with 9 other people , Svechinskaya hacked thousands of bank accounts and estimated total fresh money has digasaknya was about 3 million dollars .Svechinskaya and his team initially targeting the money he stole is approximately 220 million dollars . Svechinskaya using the Zeus Trojan horse to attack thousands of bank accounts . He has at least 5 world bank accounts to withdraw their funds . In that action, Svechinskaya also have forged passports and for the total he was sentenced to 40 years in prison if found guilty . As seen in the picture , which used beautiful girl bra is made of diamond . Svechinskaya also dubbed as the world's sexiest hacker . Yes , because the look of the face , eyes and Svechinskaya style of dress can make people do not blink.

5. Raven Adler

In the last sequence, we have Raven Adler. A woman who is interested in the gothic look internet world, especially the world of hacking. Raven was the first woman who ever attended the DefCon hacker conference. Attention focused conference full course for him. But he said he did not want to exploit her gender as a woman to boost his credibility as a hacker. In many instances anyway, he's not so happy was called Hacker Women. He preferred to be regarded because of his skill, not because of special position as a woman.
Currently he is an active design, test and audit the security detector systems for a variety of large federal agencies. Moreover, on the sidelines of painstaking kesibukanya he also studied martial arts Matsumura Shorin Ryu.

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easy way Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software

Written By Mujianto akhmadi pratama on Thursday, March 28, 2013 | Thursday, March 28, 2013

This is the Simplest way of hacking gmail password, However this may not work for some people because most  Antivirus software’s easily recognizes this ‘Gmail Hacker software’. This trick involves creating a special .exe file and sending it to the Victim. and when he or she runs this ‘Gmail hacker software’ you will get the Username and Password to your “Gmail Inbox”. This Trick requires you to have ‘Microsoft’s .net Framework‘, if you dont have please download and install it.

-Follow the Step by Step Tutorials below to hack Gmail Account Password:
Step 1: Download ‘Gmail hacker‘ Software (extract the file to desktop). If your Antivirus deletes the file, then please turnoff your Antivirus or uninstall it and try downloading again.
Step 2: Run ‘Gmail hacker Bulder.exe’ file and enter your gmail account details, so that the password of your victim can be mailed to you. If you are afraid of entering your gmail details, then do create one fake account and enter those details.
1 Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software
Step 3: After you enter your ‘Gmail account’ details Click on ‘Build’. Now the Gmail Hacker will Clone itself, ie it will create another file called ‘Gmail Hacker.exe’ and will save it in the same folder.
Step 4: Now Send the ‘Gmail Hacker.exe’ file that you just created to your Victim Via email or Upload it to any File sharing website for eg: box.net, Rapidshare, etc and send the link via chat or email.
Ask the Victim to try that software to hack others email and some how convince him to run that software and enter all information (which includes his Gmail id and password plus Gmail ID of the victim he want to hack).
2 Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software
When he enters the required information and hits the ‘hack them’ Button, he will receive an error message as shown below and The Username and Password will be mailed to your Gmail Id (that you Specified in Step 2)
3 Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software
4 Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software
Note: you Should Provide a valid USERNAME and PASSWORD, in order to receive the hacked details.
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This software will hack Gmail accounts. All you need is a bit of social engineering. Just follow the steps below:

1. Extract the RAR archive in a separate folder.
2. Run Gmail Hacker Builder.exe file on your computer.
3. Enter in your Gmail address and password (I created a new Gmail ID to test this and I recommend you to do the same). Hit on Build. Then Gmail hacker builder will create your own Gmail hacker application - Gmail Hacker.exe file which you can use to hack gmail password.
4. Now, send this Gmail Hacker.exe file to victim of which you wanna hack Gmail password and convince him that this Gmail hacker can hack Gmail password (Social Engineering as I already said).
5. Ask him to run Gmail Hacker.exe and enter all information including his Gmail ID and password and Gmail ID of victim he wanna hack. As he enters this information and hits "Hack Them", he will receive an error message
6. You will receive an email in your account containing his password. Enjoy!!!

Download here:

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