American Hacker Attacks Korean Bank

Written By POLDA METRO JAYA on Thursday, January 21, 2010 | Thursday, January 21, 2010

Police have caught a ring of thieves who hired an American hacker to obtain the personal information of tens of thousands of customers of second-tier financial institutions. The Police Department's cyber-terrorism section announced on the 27 th that it has arrested a 34-year old named Kim and is search for a 30-year old named Lee on suspicion of hacking the computer networks of financial and public institutions, including Solomon Bank, and a restaurant chain and using the information gained to create advertisements for loans. According to police, in April of last year Kim founded a financial loan intermediary business and hired an American hacker, 24-year old J, who has been arrested, and through March of this year hacked the financial data stored in 274 different systems across seven savings banks, accessing the data of 9.7 million customers and then offering them unconditional loans. They penetrated through the seven institutions' websites, stealing the basic personal and related financial information of over 3 million customers. They were even able to hack the systems for the withdrawal of funds, so that at any time they were able to cause severe damage through the manipulation of transactions. Outside of financial institutions they also hacked the data of 2.8 million customers of famous restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse and 1.8 million customers of a shopping mall owned by the post office. Investigators say that in order not to be easily caught, Kim hired the American heacker through a foreign jobs website, and used the wireless internet at coffee shops in Gangnam while doing so to avoid being traced.was to be paid 500,000 won per 10,000 instances of stolen personal information, and was caught after blackmailing two already-hacked financial institutions into paying 200,000 dollars when Kim refused to pay him the full amount. A source at the police said, "this is the first for the important data of financial institutions to be hacked on this large a scale. They need to take urgent measures to safeguard their internet systems against hacking." Solomon Bank explained that in March it began building a safety system for its customers' personal data, including their names, telephone numbers and sex, which will exceed the standard recommended by financial authorities.

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