Brazilian Hackers Loot Bank Accounts Using a Trojan

Written By POLDA METRO JAYA on Thursday, January 21, 2010 | Thursday, January 21, 2010

Close on heels of a Russian gang that stole a million Euros from French banks using sleeping bugs, as earlier reported by MicroWorld Technologies, a Brazilian hacker racket has
been nabbed for looting almost 5 million dollars from over 200 bank accounts. The raid happened in the state of Paraiba, 1,800 km North-East of Rio de Janeiro. What’s more
annoying is that the gang leader is a 19 year old and many of his accomplices are minors.
It works like this; through an email that holds a website link, a Trojan sneaks into your computer. The link may be a purported greeting card or a small computer utility. Once you
click on it, the malicious code will be installed into your PC.
The Trojan remains dormant till you go to an online banking site. Authentication gadgets and biometric advancements are futile here, as this smart one waits till you go through all
that routine. No sooner you log on to the personal bank account the bug will swiftly act and transfer the money to another account!

“This Trojan is like a thief who hides behind your back and loots your belongings after you open your safe locker. With some smart social engineering thrown in, this malice spreads
faster and wider in targeted groups.” explains Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld. The Michigan based Security firm has a special team of experts to identify this breed of Trojans
through an advanced technology.
“Online account theft is an easy job once you have the user authentication. All you need is the routing number and the account number for fund transfer. While banks will need to
strengthen security and user awareness from their side, account holdres need to use a Real-Time Security Solution than can defeat new threats as well as hidden malice. Because,
being under-protected is equal to being unprotected!” views Govind Rammmurthy.

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