Four Century Bank Diversion

Written By POLDA METRO JAYA on Sunday, January 24, 2010 | Sunday, January 24, 2010

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the State Audit Board (BPK) to the title of the case, Friday (11/12/2009) at the Office of the Commission. From the results of these discussions, the Commission and the CPC finally found an early indication of a number of irregularities in the case of Century Bank.

KPK spokesman Johan Budi explains, at least there are four types of irregularities that occurred. "There are indications of irregularities in the case of Century Bank. The first occurrence of a crime of banking, both of money laundry, then there is corruption, and there may be also related to the administration, "said Johan Budi.
Indication of the irregularities, he said, is derived from the results of intensive discussions related to the nine audit findings and the CPC as a result of investigations of the Commission team. "Discussion of its exposure and discussion between the Commission and the CPC to follow up the results of the CPC and the materials we have," he said.
He also explained that the new indication of irregularities are preliminary findings. Commission was originally going to coordinate with a number of other institutions related Century. "The findings of our earlier will continue with INTRAC, Department Keeuangan, and LPS," she said.
Furthermore, the Commission will also attend the CPC invitation to discuss the case on Monday Century Bank (14/12/2009) future. Also invited to the meeting, police and prosecutors.

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