3 Best Hacker

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 | Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hacker are people who study analyze and then if desired can create modify or even exploit the system contained Ina device such as computer software and computer hardware such as computer programs,administrative and other matter particularly security .
Here are some profile 14 Best hacker in the world for now :

1. Kevin Mitnick

Kevin was the firs hacker whose face plastered in poster '' FBI Most Wanted ''
Kevin also a '' Master of deception '' and written a book entitled '' the art of deception '' this book. exspains social engineering techniques to gain access info the  system.


 2.Linus Torvalds
A true hacker to develop the Linux operating system  which is a combination of Linus's MINIX.
Linux operating system has become the operating system standard hacker.
Together with Ricard stallman withe GNU- Linux to build its initial version and collaborate with a
programmer developer and hackers around the world to develop the Linux kernel. 

 3. John draper 
Herz 2600 investor single note using a plastic whistle that was a gift from a cereal box.
is the pioneer of the use of 2600 Hz tone and is known as phone phreacker, 2600 Hz tone used as tool to make free phone calls.
In its development the tone of 2600 Hz is no longer made with a plastic whistle but uses a device called.

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