In preparation Hackers hack bank accounts

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Some of us may have been or are currently using Internet Banking. One of the facilities may have to use adalh to pay bills or buy some thing secar online.Many Bank uses 128-bit encryption as a security for their online banking internet. Banks use encryption to protect data nasabhanya of the hands of ignorant hands.The following is the strength of encryption that digunakakn bagaimanna bank;

* 40-bit encryption means there are two possibilities tommbol there that can keep a handle lock your account information. That means there is at least 1 billion possible key.
* 128 Bit Encryption means that there are 2 times diasana key combination. This means that a computer would require an exponent of the power to process more than 40 bit encryption to find the correct key.
This adalh a powerful method in the encryption of data sent from your computer to the server computer bank.
Question:How did it happen?Answer:One feature of the trojan is a keylogger. Principally on the background of your computer, all the keystrokes that you make will be sent by the hacker and will return to The Hacker dikrim.
Question:Any information you enter into your Internet Banking?Answer:Most banks have the same login screen, where you must type your username and password. This adalh one something interesting that can be obtained by hackers.
This means when you type a username and password to your Internet Banking site, this became an opportunity for the hacker to record it. The hacker will thus ruling menngunakan your account.
Trojan used by hackers to record your keyboard keystrokes are:

* Logtext 2.1
* Carbonkeys
* Keyboard Spy
* Agent Type
Hackers to break into the preparation BankThe following steps are performed adlah hacker to break into someone's account:

* Create a forged ID card with the address.
* Opens new accounts in the bank concerned with the above ID menngunakn
* Purchase a Key or PIN from the bank concerned.
* Setting up a Trojan or a program that memilii ability as follows:
Active 24 o clock in the background the victim computer
o Sending a signal or a signal to the computer hacker if the victim is online or connected to the Internet.
o Record all keyboard keystrokes when the program Intenet Explorer is On
o Capture Screenshot of Internet Explorer program
o Save and send the recording keystrokes
Hackers usually make in the program by using Visual Basic 6 or C + + (Reference: We Media)

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