This is the list of Top 22 World Hacker

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Kevin Mitnick
 Hakcer Mitnick may be most famous of his generation, because Mitnick was 'crowned' by the U.S. Justice Department became the most wanted computer criminal in United States along seharag. Mitnick with his posture that matches the character of a hacker, enter the number of company-owned computer systems technology and telekomunikasitop world, including Nokia, Fujitsu, and Motorola. After large-scale published by the FBI, Mitnick was finally arrested in 1995 and after receiving numerous allegations, she eventually spent time in jail for 5 years. He was released in 2000 and is now opening a computer security consultant. He did not call the action as 'hacking' and even gave the name of 'social engineering'.

Kevin Poulson 

Poulson first enters the world of hacking through the phone line at radio station KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, and that made famous when Poulson digital fraud by claiming to be a caller who break through the 102 phone line just to get money to buy a Porsche. Kevin Poulson or alias name Dark Dante, managed to turn back the Yellow Pages, then use the phone number in it to run a virtual escort agency. The police later arrested Poulson and imprison him for three years after he hacked a federal investigation database, as well as all 1.800 phone line crashes. After he got out of jail he is now a journalist.

Adrian Lamo 

Adrian Lamo or so-called 'homeless hacker', usually using coffee shops, libraries and Internet cafes as a base to carry out the action. Most activities are breaking into computer networks and then report the weaknesses to the company that owns the network. Lamo's biggest claim is well-known after his break through the office intranet New York Times, adding the company name in the database of the daily newspaper. He also uses LexisNexis account to obtain secret access to profilpejabat company. Lamo is now working as a journalist.

Stephen Wozniak

 Renowned as a co-founder of Apple, start action 'white-hat' him with hacking into phone systems. When the school at the University of California, he made a device to his friends called 'blue box' and allow his friends to call in time as long as possible, free of charge. However, later Wozniak out of the university and worked with his friend Steve Jobs, Apple Computer.

Loyd Blankenship 

Known as the 'Mentor', a member of the elite hacker group in 1980. The action of the biggest is that he became the author of the Hacker Manifesto (The Conscience of a Hacker), which he wrote in prison in 1986. In the book Hacker Manifesto (The Conscience of a Hacker), it is mentioned that the hacker is only the actions made by the hacker is just a curiosity and not just be a moral hackers today, but also the absolute paradigm of the philosophy of hackers. The book was also reviewed in the magazine Phrack, and even made a movie in 1995 with the title of hackers, starring Angelina Jolie.

Linus Torvalds

 Hackers are also developing a Linux operating system, a combination of "MINIX Linus". Now the Linux operating system has become the operating systems 'default' hacker. Then, along with Richard Stallman build early versions of Linux, working with programmers, developers and hackers around the world to develop the Linux kernel.

John Draper

 Hackers are using the help of a plastic whistle which was a gift from a cereal box "Cap n Crunch", he succeeded in hacking into phone systems. He found a frequency of 2600 Hz and is used as a tool to make free phone calls. In its development, the frequency of 2600 Hz is no longer made with plastic whistles, but using a tool called "Blue Box"
.Mark Abene
 Entered into one of the members "Master of Deception" and the Hacker Groups Legion of Doom, also known as Phiber Optics elite group based in New York, targeting U.S. phone systems, including AT & T compuetr system in the late mid 80-an.Group eventually disbanded in 1992 when many members went to jail. In 1994, he was sentenced to one year in prison for conspiracy and unauthorized access to computer and telephone systems.

Robert Morris 

Morris is the son of scientist National Computer Security Center, which is part of the National Security Agencies (NSA). He became famous after he managed to hackers infect thousands of computers connected in a network. He later wrote a popular Internet worm in 1988.

Richard Stallman 

Is the inventor of the GNU project, and became one of the 'hacker senior schools' work at the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab. He worked as a "staff hacker" on the project Emac and protested the restrictions on access to computers in the lab. Once the password diisntal, he then broke into the system password and send a message to all staff to remove the password.

Ian Murphy

 Ian Muphy successfully hacking into the computer and compose AT & T setting the internal clock-setting nya.Hal cause a lot of phone users get a discount 'midnight' in the afternoon, and had to wait until midnight to pay the high bills.

Vladimir Levin 

Hackers managed to do this one CitiBank to computer fraud and benefit 10 million dollars. He is a graduate of St. Petersburg. Petersburg Technology University, and later Interpol arrested at Heathrow Airport in 1995.

Tsutomu Shimomura 

Is a top computer security experts, and managed to capture traces of Kevin Mitnick on the date of February 15, 1995 when Mitnick broke into his computer.

Eric Steven Raymond

 Dubbed as the father of hackers. A pioneer hacktivist and opensource movement. He wrote a lot of hacking guide, one of which is: "How To Become A Hacker" and "The new hacker's Dictionary".

Onel A. de Guzman 

A student from the Philippines to be the Greatest Hacker. He created the virus 'Love Bug' to break into the email service system all over the world.


  Mudge along with his followers managed to shut down Internet traffic in the company for half an hour. 
Chen Ing-Hau
 He is a deadly computer virus makers 'Chernobyl' that killed off many of the world system. 
Dennis Moran
 Known by the name 'Coolio', convicted on charges of hacking sites nationwide, such as military units, Air Force and anti-drug 
David L. Smith 
Smith is the author of the Melissa worm that went on to become the first e-mail virus that is distributed in the Usenet discussion group Form of the original virus is also transmitted via email. Smith was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison for alleged losses of $ 80 million.Sven JaschanJaschan accused guilty of the Netsky and Sasser worms creation in 2004 when he was a teenager. The virus responsible for 70 percent of the spread of malware via the Internet at that time. Jaschan received sentences for 3 years for his crimes, and after he was recruited by a security company. 
Michael Calce
 Calce 15 years old when he managed to break the world's largest commercial website. Hacker also has the name MafiaBoy in 2000 launched a DDoS attack to 75 computers in 52 networks, as well as eBay, Amazon and Yahoo. He was finally arrested after he revealed his action in chatroon online. He was sentenced to prison for 8 months and a small fine. 
Robert Tappan Morris
 November 1988, a successful computer virus discovered by Cornell University, infecting about 6,000 Unix machines, and the resulting loss of millions of dollars. Maker unknown virus called Robert Tappan Morris. Morris said that the virus 'worm' was not intended for any damage, but somehow he had to undergo three years imprisonment. While the disc containing the Morris worm source code is now stored at the Boston Museum of Scienc

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