A 10-step guide on how to rob a bank account/transfer money

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 This manual will teach you how to steal money using an instant clear.
If you are transferring your own money, do step 1, then skip to step 4

To crack a bank account and steal money you will need the following;
1 - The bank ip (where the account is located)
2 - The account number
^^ usually get these from logs
3 - .wwl - waterwall
4 - .crc - cracker
5 - An account to transfer the money to

The higher your wwl, crc and cpu is, the faster you will be able to crack the password. Having a high version crc also means that your chances of success increase.

These are the the default versions of fwl on each bank:

First Ypesteiner Bank - 135.132.xxx.xxx - fwl version = 0.6
Ratepel Bank - 33.53.xxx.xxx - fwl version = 0.9
Mounstar Bank - 71.136.xxx.xxx - fwl version = 1
Cenmyr Bank - 63.203.xxx.xxx - fwl version = 1.5
Esmob Bank - 207.118.xxx.xxx - fwl version = 2.5
Schiedam Bank - 121.15.xxx.xxx - fwl version = 3

There are a few ways of doing it. With practice, you will understand the workings a bit more, and may adapt it to suit yourself. This is a slightly simplified method of the one that i use:

The 10-step guide
When transferring your own money, do step 1, then skip to step 4

1. Go to the bank and crack the password for the bank itself. After it has successfully cracked, don't press continue, just open a new tab.


(if you are deleting the firewall on the bank first)

1. Go to the bank and crack the password for the bank itself. After it has successfully cracked, login and clear the logs as quickly as you can. Now open up the "Files" page in a new tab. Leave the updated clean log open in the first tab. Press the firewall's "bin" icon to delete it. Watch the timer as it gets close to zero. When it hits 5 seconds, quickly switch to the first tab, and click "edit logfile". Timing it like this will mean that the log edit will finish just after the firewall deletion. Now log out of the bank and go back to the login page for the bank (not the account login page, but the actually bank login page).

2. In the second tab, connect to the bank again. This time go to near the bottom of the page (just under the 'login to your account' bit). There will be an option to 'crack account'. Click this then stick in the account number and click crack.

3. When it has successfully cracked the account password, copy down the details before anything else, and then hit continue.

4. Now we log into the account. Paste the account number and the password you just cracked into the relevant fields and log in to the bank account (if it is your own account you are logging into, the details will be already filled in).

5. Go back to the first tab and hit continue/login; immediately clear the logs.

6. Once the logs are cleared, edit the log again (so it will appear blank), but just before it finishes the edit, click 'access logfile' again. Wait a couple of seconds, then log out (leave this tab open with the bank log in screen showing) (this is called an instant clear). Do the same with your own logs.

7. Open up the processes page in a third tab (so you can use your instant clears later).

8. Now go back to the second tab. Click continue and then input where you want the money to go, then click transfer.

9. Wait until the transfer is seconds away from finishing and then as it finishes, switch to the first tab and click log in to the bank itself. Once you see that you are logged in, immediately switch to the third tab, and ctrl+click continue on the "edit log at so and so bank" (opens up a new tab in FF, just right-click "open in new tab" for IE), and then click continue on the edit to your own logs, hopefully instantly clearing both.

10. This should bring up an empty log file for the bank, and your own logs. If the log is not blank, clear the logs manually straight away, at the bank first.

I have suggested making the log blank for your instant clear, as it will make it easier to spot straight away whether it has worked (if it doesn't, there will be something written in the logs).

nb the instant clear only works if you use it fairly quickly, so there is not much time to mess around

Extra tips:
- Don't forget about your own logs.

-When robbing someone, it is best to use an empty account, as if you get seen, someone can only rob what you robbed, not all your own earnings as well.

-For extra security, camp the bank you transferred to. People that see transfers normally go after them straight away; you may be able to re-steal your money if you catch someone trying to steal it off you.

-Logging into the bank/the bank account and making the transfer, all create logs at the bank you are transferring from, as well as your own logs.

-If your crack time is not 1 minute, delete the firewall on the bank, it will reduce it to 1 minute.

-There are campers in the bank pretty much 24/7. Doing this is pretty dangerous, and no matter how fast you are, you may get caught. Having an IP reset is always handy, and remember to watch your own logs for intruders.

-Practice makes perfect; it will take you a few times to get this method perfect, but it certainly works fine once you manage it.

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